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The children would stop at each house and ask for money to view the garland.Another custom, prevalent throughout the county if not the country, was maying. It was done regularly until the outbreak of the First World War and, sporadically, afterwards. Young men would go around at night with may bushes singing May carols.

Ana, dopo la drastica decisione di lasciare il lavoro, decide di andare a far visita alla nonna a Strasburgo. La città di confine con l’Europa è la sua casa e le consente di vivere una spensierata estate. Può indossare vestiti attillati, i jeans corti e scarpe da ginnastica.

Several geophysical methods have been used at this site to gain information about the subsurface: one of these methods is bore hole GPR, an active method based on the reflection of radar pulses at layer boundaries. The GPR surveys in Trecate have been made using both Vertical Radar Profile (VRP) and Zero Offset Profile (ZOP) approaches. To this comparison between different surveying strategies (VRP vs ZOP and VRP acquisitions in time lapse mode) , in terms of velocity and water content, several conclusions can be made.

Le persone autorealizzate sono democratiche nel senso più profondo del termine. Sono cordiali con chiunque, indipendentemente dalla classe sociale, dall’educazione, dai convincimenti politici, dalla razza o dal colore della pelle. Ritengono che sia possibile imparare qualcosa da chiunque.

The curse of magazine deadlines strikes again. Times, Sunday Times (2008)Too often a story ends in the frustration of a great player cursed with an ageing body. Times, Sunday Times (2013)Maybe there is a curse on my family. Times, Sunday Times (2007)Train services were also hit with delays and cancellations. Times, Sunday Times (2013)They use the service charge to make up the wages. Times, Sunday Times (2007)The time has come now to have a wholly independent regulator for all public service broadcasters.

The greatest negative impact the President has hadwas his support for the $850B stimulus which was a significant move towardreaching critical mass. What bothers me mostis the way in which he claims there is no longer anything like a business cycle, but that he saved the country from permanent depression. This is very dishonest.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)I talked to myself and rocked back and forth to stay warm. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Personally I would have told his lawyers to go forth and multiply. The Sun (2016)I am in a dark room, rocking back and forth. Video Pelù e Renzulli hanno presentato il nuovo disco all’interno di una chiesa sconsacrata di Firenze. Il videoclip del singolo “L’impossibile” è girato in parte davanti alla Stazione Leopolda, da sempre il luogo preferito di Renzi per le sue battaglie. “Dobbiamo riappropriarci degli spazi togliendoli alla politica” ha detto Piero Pelù.

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