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Quanto fate ribrezzo. Stasera dalla tedesca c’era un tronfio snob supponente, fintamente distaccato quasi annoiato, che si spaccia per scrittore, il caro figlio. Ha evocato i tribuni della plebe. Ma bando alle chiacchiere! Esco ogni volta per cercare stivali grigi con zeppa e ogni volta rimango a bocca asciutta ( per modo di dire perche’ trovo sempre il sostituto da portare a casa! ) . Buttata sul letto guardavo yoox ( mia prima visita) ed ho visto degli stivali grigi con zeppa di kors. Non ho msi acquistato sue scarpe.

Times, Sunday Times (2010)America’s thirst for oil is legendary. Times, Sunday Times (2008)It had quite a profound effect on me, giving me a real thirst for beauty and culture. Times, Sunday Times (2012)But I have an insatiable thirst for knowledge.

Non sarebbero, invece, della partita al momento altri fondi di private equity. Nel 2013 Chequers Capital e Igi Sgr erano entrati in Rollon (a vendere erano statiArdian e Consilium Sgr) sulla base di una valutazione di circa 100 milioni. L negli ultimi 5 anni, cresciuta anche tramite acquisizioni.

Does globalization go back even further? Medieval traders linked Europe, Africa and Asia, and sent Vikings to Canada’s shores. Can the origins of globalization be traced back to antiquity, to the beginnings of trade and investment itself? We believe they can, but only if historians are careful. Ancient economies were very different from our own.

How sharply all this contrasts with earlier views! For Adam Smith, the capitalist escalator climbed upward, at least as far as the eye could reasonably see. For [David] Ricardo that upward motion was stalled by the pressure of mouths on insufficient crop land, which brought a stalemate to progress and a windfall to the fortunate landlord. For Mill the vista was made more reassuring by his discovery that society could distribute its product as it saw fit, regardless of what “economic laws” seemed to dictate.

Times, Sunday Times (2009)Let him write his own cheques to his favourite charities. The Sun (2013)But then it said it would not be transferring the money as the cheque had already been cashed. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Consumers who pay by cheque are increasingly seen as more of a credit risk than those who use plastic.

Substantivo(Mechanical engineering: General) A wedge is a triangular shaped solid inserted between two parts in order to prevent movement Cut the sweet potato into thick wedges and place them in a shallow roasting tray. The Sun (2017)They now wedge them in doors and windows to avoid being sued if tape pulls paint off as documents are removed. The Sun (2016)Serve with lime wedges to squeeze.

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