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Full text disponibile come:5MbAbstractA 3D groundwater flow model was developed, with MODFLOW 2005 code (Harbaugh, 2005), to assess and validate the current water balance for the uncon fined aquifer in the High Venetian Plain, through inverse modeling performed by using an automatic optimization software (PEST; Doherty, 2015). Automatic calibration approach was developed implementing three different scenarios for the hydraulic conductivity distribution and was aimed to minimize the residual between observed and simulated hydraulic head in the least squared sense by adjusting the values of the calibration parameters. Highly parameterized inversion turned out to be the best way to minimize the objective function, providing a model consistent with the current water balance for the aquifer estimated by previous studies (Cambruzzi et al., 2010; Fabbri et al., 2016), except for the Brenta and Piave rivers dispersion and the outflow from the southern margin of the model domain.

No correct that a worse than pointless exercise. The discrepancies ends up devaluing the actual messages of the texts in order to hang on to some inappropriate notion of truth that reflects a particular cultural hang up.Sure, one can convince oneself that anything is not a contradiction if one is prepared to go far enough to do it. A best resolving them risks flattening out the accounts and drowning out those messages, at worst it produces a farce like some of the attempts to harmonize the cock crow/denial accounts or the resurrection morning accounts.

Ma poi c’è la depressione maggiore, che è una vera e propria psicosi. Non significa essere tristi, piangere, essere svogliati, con poca energia e cose del genere. Significa avere delle profonde, gravi alterazioni del pensiero, oltre che del tono dell’umore.

This has led to disputes about “creation” versus “evolution,” “intelligent design” versus “random evolution,” and so forth. These disputes would not have occurred without the modern (Enlightenment) conviction that truth equals factuality. For many defenders of the “truth of Genesis,” the truth of these stories is dependent upon their factuality and evolution is a competing factuality.

Times, Sunday Times (2016)A healthy woman ‘s ovaries do not stop working overnight and the gradual decline in hormone production typically begins 15 years earlier. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Docs cut or block the tubes between the ovary and the womb. The Sun (2010)The definitive approach is surgically to remove the ovaries.

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