Golden Goose Inverno 2015

Beware! The Dona Ferentes è il risultato di una riflessione sul rumore, sia sonoro sia visivo. Il documentario è composto da una collezione di riprese video realizzate nel corso di dieci anni (dal 2008 al 2018) con diverse tipologie di mezzi da ripresa, dai telefoni cellulari agli smartphone, da fotocamere compatte a camcorder miniDV, per poi arrivare al 4k. L’insieme di questa eterogenea raccolta di documenti costituisce un ritratto, quasi cronologico, di Dona Ferentes, performer considerato tra i più “puri” della scena musicale underground italiana.

The Sun (2007)This is just the ticket with fresh oysters and crab. Times, Sunday Times (2012)See match listings and learn how to get your tickets on our website. The Sun (2011)The ticket holder is currently deciding whether or not to go public and share their news.

Afraid to put into practice (2001)The relationship between the brothers and the institute was not simply one akin to that of employer and employee. Times, Sunday Times (2012)It sounds simply marvellous, but does it work? Times, Sunday Times (2013)This may be preferable to an alternative, such as filing for bankruptcy protection or simply ceasing operations altogether. Christianity Today (2000)She said: ‘It was simply marvellous..

Sinnimos:insure, compensate, provide for, offset Mais sinnimos de coverCover and set aside in its pot to keep warm. Times, Sunday Times (2016)Sandwich the cakes together with buttercream and cover the top and sides with the rest. Times, Sunday Times (2016)It shows no one was covering that wide area.

I was shocked by my friend’s unexpected departure from this life. At that time I was reading Philip Yancey’s penetrating book, The Jesus I Never Knew. Yancey reminded me of therapist, Rollo May’s, observation: “I was seized then by a moment of spiritual reality: what would it mean for our world if He (Jesus) had truly risen?”[1].

Times, Sunday Times (2008)I feel sorry for the other 17, who probably delivered very fine speeches destined to be instantly forgotten. Times, Sunday Times (2013)The idea that this speech was prepared in advance of war is not a huge surprise, especially as the King had difficulties in delivering speeches. Times, Sunday Times (2013).

The Times Literary Supplement (2012)He comes from farming stock and has a great eye for’young horses. The Sun (2013)She explained that she lived 1 miles along a forest track through woods and farm land. Times, Sunday Times (2014)Just give some dead sheep a county and a farm name and it becomes a bit special, a bit tastier.

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