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The most frequently applied technique was shooting from selected sites and involved mainly animals older than 12 months (blacks). With the technique of cage traps, on the contrary, most of the animals captured were below 12 months (striated and reds), even if the use of this particular method was limited. The “random” shooting method was used less and less over the course of these 5 years.

3173KbAbstractThe volcanic activity of the Euganean Hills is part of the Tertiary Magmatic Province Veneta, and consists mainly in the issue of basic and acid products and over a period of time between the late Eocene and the Oligocene. The basic rocks are represented mainly by basalts. The geochemical study by X ray fluorescence conducted on samples of Monte Oliveto and Monte Lovertino showed a strong bimodal character between these: a general enrichment in alkali and incompatible elements for the Lovertino group and a decidedly more tholeiitic character for the Oliveto basalts.

All the fine lads and lasses whom I interacted with were ready to help. However, the prices seemed a tad high while outside food and pets may no longer be allowed. I found exceptionally good value based on the prices, service, and experience noted above (TOTAL paid experience was around $51.00 BEFORE any discounts and/or tip).

The approach to salvation I take (that I live and move and have my being in God, and thus can never be separate from God and to God I will return that may mean in the end of my life.) does come from scripture, as interpreted by process theology and my own experience. I not very concerned about the afterlife. Like Reform Judaism (which has profoundly influenced both my theology and view of end of life things), I think that our lives as lived now are far more important than what will happen when we die.

1192KbAbstractLa pressione che il sangue esercita all’interno dell’albero arterioso è detta pressione Essa deriva dalla somma della pressione idrostatica del sangue e della pressione dall’energia sistolica. Ventricolo sinistro la pressione scende in diastole circa a zero (o per essere più precisi a 6 mmHg, la pressione idrostatica del cadavere appena deceduto), mentre arterioso scende in diastole ad un valore assai più alto che è detto per pressione diastolica; questa differenza si deve alla resistenza esercitata in dalle arteriole precapillari di circa 100 m di diametro e all’onda riflessa (che tanto più in fase diastolica quanto più il soggetto è giovane). Detto che della pressione si considerano in clinica soprattutto quelle che vengono definite due componenti, la pressione massima o sistolica e la minima o Tali componenti non rappresentano tuttavia delle reali fasi della pressione ma piuttosto due meri momenti di un continuum..

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