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Times, Sunday Times (2008)He thought I might have thrush of the mouth. The Sun (2012)They don’t seem to be afraid of me, neither do the thrushes and robins. Frances Hodgson Burnett Emily Fox Seton (1901)You, too, can hear the song thrush. Vivendi sceglie la strada della decadenza del Cda. Nel cda di Telecom che si e tenuto nel pomeriggio hanno rassegnato le dimissioni con decorrenza dal 24 aprile i consiglieri Arnaud de Puyfontaine, Camilla Antonini, Frederic Crepin, Felicite Herzog, Marella Moretti, Herve Philippe e Anna Jones. E quanto comunica il gruppo in una nota, precisando che si verificano pertanto le condizioni per la decadenza del cda.

Going private transactions, bondholder returns, and wealth transfer effects. Journal of Banking and Finance, 34, 1856 1872. Shareholders wealth effects and bid negotiation in freeze out deals: are minority shareholders left out in the cold? Journal of Financial Economics, Vol.81, 681 708.

E mia moglie Tatjana ha promesso che non si farà mai più abbindolare da nessuna pellicola di David Lynch. Ne abbiamo discusso: le ho detto che (benchè cinematograficamente lo trovassi un ottimo epilogo) io da sceneggiatore o da produttore o da regista non avrei finito Twin Peaks in quel modo, non avrei voluto una conclusione così nera e malvagia. Avrei scelto un finale più dolce, certamente con risonanze bizzarre e inquietanti ma tutto sommato avrei deciso per un un happy end.

Former India goalkeeper Henry Menezes, who commentated on most of the games through the season, felt both Mohun Bagan and East Bengal suffered the consequences of being complacent. “Mohun Bagan and East Bengal probably thought the I League was theirs, and that was not right,” he says. “East Bengal and Mohun Bagan both came back very strongly in the second half of the season, and till their second last game [a 2 2 draw away to Shillong Lajong], it was East Bengal all the way.

Well the top 14% aren’t and that is why you’re poor. They got theirs and yours and you still think it is possible for you to get yours. The only thing you are going to get is more loans and higher debt that will enslave you to the Top 10% of this country.

Times, Sunday Times (2012)Others wish that their valued but deaf colleague would buy a hearing aid. Times, Sunday Times (2007)With that background he knows the problems in family hearings. Times, Sunday Times (2007)One of their mums raised the alarm after hearing of the meeting.

But anyway, here’s a stretch to relate one example of how physics could impact the notion of personality (it doesn’t matter if they should have been doing something else; the results are already before us): If one resorts to the “many worlds theory” to explain the results, then one could assume an individual “personality” splits every half second. Personally, I can’t buy the bearing I just described, but it’s interesting to see how some very intelligent people try to accomadate the experiment’s results. I don’t see a whole lot of harm in subjecting oneself to the panoply of implications others see in them..

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